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Michelle Gardner from Louth wrote on 21st July 2017:
Thankyou to the excellent care from Louth Hospital, I today got back on my bike after over a year. Fotherby Ward, the surgical team and the Urgent Care nurses and doctors have all played their part in this. https://michelle-g.co.uk/physio-delivering-walking-biking-dreaming/
Kevin T from Louth wrote on 10th July 2017:
I use Louth Hospital on a regular basis to have caudal epidural injections in the spine. The care and treatment I get there are second to none. The loss of this hospital would mean me making a 100 mile trip, in pain to a private health provider,, whose treatment is no better than and probably worse than Louth.
Louth and surrounding areas cannot afford to lose this hospital.
Linda Heatley from Grimsby wrote on 6th July 2017:
Having used Louth Hospital severel times last year,i found it a very personal and caring place. Travelubf long distances when ill is neither nice or good for health,and Grimsby is always packed,closure of Louth would make the situation There even worse. Please keep this fabulous little hospiral open.
Robert Edge from Loughborough wrote on 5th July 2017:
I was a porter at Louth some 20 years ago, it was a great independent trust hospital, then Lincoln bought the trust, and a slow decline in staff morale began, those of us on Louth contracts were slowly forced to sign contracts with lower conditions and pay or leave. I chose the latter, a shame, because the area really really needs the hospital, closing the A&E is an act of almost criminal negligence, but when the management decided to place a mobile phone transmitter on the roof of the property, and had to close two wards,, move the A&E, and HDU, all for£10k, I could see the writing on the wall even then, I now live in Loughborough, this too has had its hospital demolished to make way for a multiplex and shopping mall, welcome to the wonderful world of Trump healthcare, UK style, you guys have my support but as for attending any protest, it's a bit of a trek, but given enough warning, I'll see what I can do...
Sharon C from Louth wrote on 5th July 2017:
Really great cause to get involved with.
Tony from Anderby & Louth wrote on 3rd July 2017:
Really pleased to be involved with such a committed and community-minded group of people, intent on changing the direction of the NHS decline, starting with Louth Hospital.
K Deaves wrote on 30th June 2017:
This essential service should not be taken away from us, we desperately need to keep our hospital, and bring back the services that have been stealthily removed.
Jeannette Bowyer wrote on 30th June 2017:
Fed up having to travel to Grimsby and Lincoln for what should be routine local appointments.. I live in North Somercotes and even Grimsby is way to far for me.
Suzanne Davey wrote on 30th June 2017:
Louth needs to retain a hospital - we are too geographically isolated to allow good access to other healthcare providers.
Dave Larder wrote on 30th June 2017:
Everybody who may wish to use Louth Hospital needs to join this fight. Things are happening that make it a real worry that the hospital COULD close.

Over a thousand friends on Facebook, but only a few turn up to meetings and vigils.

Our local MP is not showing any interest, and so, we need to fight this as a community.

Show support - get involved!

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