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Hospital campaign prepares for ‘NHS Uprising’ in Louth

The following article appeared in the Louth Leader, dated 23 August 2017

hospital campaign prepares for nhs uprising louthHospital campaign prepares for ‘NHS Uprising’ in Louth

Campaigners from across Lincolnshire are planning to gather in Louth next week to protest against the state of the National Health Service, and the impact upon hospital services in our area.

The day of protest — which has been dubbed the ‘NHS Uprising’ – has been organised by the Fighting 4 Louth Hospital group, which has been campaigning for six months against what they believe to be the potential risk of downgrading or closure of Louth County Hospital, following the publication of the Lincolnshire STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan) in December 2016.

The march will begin at 1pm on Saturday, September 2, starting at Westgate Fields heading through the town centre, and finishing at the Hospital Club in High Holme Road, next to the hospital.

It will be headed by a 20-piece Samba band and other special guests, and there will be face painting at Westgate Fields ahead of the march.

From 3pm at the Louth Hospital Club, there will be guest speakers, a licensed bar, artist Jayne Cooper, and live bands into the evening.

For more information, visit www.fighting4louthhospital.org.uk or search for ‘Fighting4LouthHospital’ on Facebook.

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