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So is the NHS a state owned service or private company?

NHS Property Services

Did you know since 2012, most of the hospital and health buildings where “moved” from public ownership to a private company – most people assume that the building is the NHS..Wrong!

Many buildings are owned by a private limited company, NHS Property Services Limited, company number 07888110 and as such its accounts are publicly available at Companies House. Whilst running down buildings and stripping assets, several of the shareholders were each “rewarded” from the profit that is rental income from our NHS to the tune of 200,000 last year.

Yes our cash strapped NHS is paying rent to a private company for the buildings it needs to use. Who benefits.. NHS Property Services Limited shareholders:

 (click the image to view the Directors remuneration full size)

That not bad enough…

Seen the various logos at your local hospital. All private companies contracted (paid) to supply services to the NHS. The biggest is

Care UK

This is an “Independent Provider” of services which trades under a mind boggling amount of smaller Private and Public Limited Companies, all operating for profit. How long this list is can be seen at Companies House.

Business Rates That Private Companies Pay

Just to add insult to injury, private healthcare trusts are often set up as charities e.g. Nuffield so pay reduced business rates and tax, but because all of the above are corporate bodies, they are subject to standard business rates and Corporation Tax. This featured in this Independent article

In Summary

Our “state owned” NHS Service which gets large amounts of funding by the government:

  • Pays rent for its buildings
  • Purchases its healthcare
  • Pays the executive salaries of all the shareholders and directors
  • Pays business rates
  • Pays Tax
  • Pays managers to “manage” even down to the paperclip holding your medical records together
  • Whats left goes to the doctors and nurses and daily running costs – which sure isn’t a lot!

A prime example of this was the IT crash earlier in the year because the NHS couldn’t afford to replace its aged Windows XP computers. And Nurses and other vital NHS staff are subjected to pay cuts to try and prop up the billions of pounds in debt the NHS is.

Please can anyone from any of the above companies comment below to say I am wrong….


  1. There are people, even in Louth, who will disagree with your arguments, even though you have provided links to evidence. They will swear black is white, as long as they can deflect any responsibility for the failure of the NHS away from this pathetic government; a government that our own local MP is a part of. An MP who, before the election, was bleating to all and sundry that SHE was leading the fight to protect our local hospital! Since the election, however, whilst opening country pubs, our Conservative MP has failed to deliver any further support for our hospital and NHS services. In doing so, she has FAILED her constituents, FAILED to provide a clear cut argument to back up her claim that she had “Demanded” of the Health Minister, that our hospital should be protected. Selling of the NHS property to private companies is another item on the agenda that she has failed to address.

    Whatever people say, there is NO Accident & Emergency department at Louth Hospital. Think about that for a few minutes…

    NO A & E at Louth Hospital

    Failed by those elected to represent us!

  2. Thank you Michelle. This item demystifies the links between our NHS and profiteers. There’s no doubt in my mind that our NHS is going the way of other public services such as the police (G4S), Education (Serco), Social Services (Serco), Prisons (Serco & G4S), to name but a few. I didn’t vote for a private NHS and for public money to line the pockets of profit-making companies. I very much doubt many people did, regardless of political persuasion.

  3. There is hell of amount of money wasted in hospitals .Take for instance the PALS department I made a compliant to PALS not a Lincolnshire hospital got a letter accepting they did mess up 4 months later .Ever since treated unfairly because of contacting PALS .They all work at the same place and do not want to give up the gravy train that the nhs provides

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