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Louth Hospital Capacity – Questions!

There is currently confusion regarding patient capacity at Louth County Hospital. Until recently, it was always assumed that this was a 56 bed hospital*.

However, this figure was greatly reduced following the transfer of around 30 inpatients to other facilities outside of the hospital in June 2017. Patient safety was cited as the reason for this drastic reduction. Following the Grenfell Towers disaster, it was further claimed that faulty fire doors were the main reason for the evacuation, although it appears that the Fire Safety report was “sat on” for some months before action was taken.

The result of this partial evacuation was that 16 inpatients remained in the hospital, and, as far as I’m aware, that is still the situation. So the questions that must be answered are:

  1. When will these safety issues be addressed?
  2. When will the Fire Doors be replaced?
  3. Are the evacuations temporary or permanent?
  4. If temporary, when can we expect a return to full operating capacity?

Whilst answering the above questions would help calm a currently unhealthy situation, it is worth pointing out that current Job Vacancy advertisements for the hospital include the following details:

  1. “The medical wards have a total of 50 inpatient beds and 6 day case chairs.”
  2. “Carlton ward is a 22 bedded inpatient setting”

These appear to be straight forward comments, but they are confusing as the NHS’s own web site states the following:

“Manby ward at County Hospital, Louth is operated by Lincolnshire Community Health Services, and not United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.”

Although the above comment was published in February, 2017, it is still on the web site at the time of writing (28/7/17), and therefore, should be deemed as current information.

It just adds more confusion to the understanding of current issues affecting OUR Health Care.


*Listed as 50 Inpatient beds and 6 Day Patient chairs.



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