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Local hospitals under pressure.


As reported in today’s media, Lincoln Hospital is asking people to stay away from the A&E department this weekend unless it’s an emergency, as there is a severe staff shortage, with no middle grade doctors available for duty.

I detect another whiff of bullsh*t about the media coverage – Look North reported it as being because of the doctors being on holiday.  I mean, A&E doctors do sod all, why do they need holidays? *takes time to remove tongue from cheek*. I think they’re implying that if the big hospitals cannot get enough staff, how will the smaller ones recruit?

I really worry about this. If Lincolnshire’s main hospital can’t deal with the minor injuries that Louth currently do, will it clog the system further afield? Lincoln’s walk-in clinic is closing, who do we go to when we’re in pain and frightened but it’s not life-threatening? Why can’t we keep the local services that plug a hole in the failing system?

Our local National Health Services need you! Please keep up the pressure in any way you can.




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